The Art Installation Is The Island Itself

Naoshima is regarded as a holy land for art lovers. Thesmall island that is located on the east coast of Japan presents works of artnot only in museums but also in all over the city. Visitors can enjoy art worksfrom art legends such as Basquiat, Yayoi Kusama, and Warhol in art galleries tothe streets.

Naoshima is able to be reached by ferry. There are two portsin Naoshima, Miyanoura Port and Honmura port. If you get off at Miyanoura Port,passengers will be greeted by the legendary Yayoi Kusama’s polka-dot redpumpkin. After arriving at the island, you will have three alternatives to goaround , by using a bus, renting a bicycle, or just walk by foot.

As a tourist destination, the island offers art andarchitecture as it’s main menu. The island is also wellknown as Ando Island as theArchitect Tadao Ando has a big contribution in designing galleries and buildingan art atmosphere on the island such as Benesse House, Chichu Art Museum, andLee Ufan Museum.

Whenyou are in Naoshima, you can enjoy the paid art galleries and try hard tounderstand the works of legendaries artists from all over the world or you canjust take a walk and enjoy every details of the island, such as polkadot-patternedbuses, colorful bins, murals on the wall. Even tiny flowers laid on tombstones isarranged in such a way as to support the artistic atmosphere on the tinyisland. So it's no exaggeration if I quote one of the visitor comments aboutNaoshima that "the art installation is the island itself!"

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