Rosa Panggabean

The Sound of Silence (ongoing project)

Visitors at the site of Lubang Buaya (literary means crocodile pit) inside the area of Pancasila Sakti Monument, Jakarta, Indonesia. Lubang Buaya was waterless well in which the murdered victims and the killed generals were dumped by the Communist Party of Indonesia (PKI). The monument was opened in 1969. The New Order regime turned the site of murder into a place of worship of the killed generals during coup d'etat on September 30th, 1965.

Line of song scores in a church before Dialita performs. The songs are written while they were in prison during 1966 to 1970's.

A photo archive in Bukit Duri prison. This photo is belong to Utati, one of member Dialita who got jailed withouth trial.

Members of Dialita sit before they got performing. They perform to commemorate Mr. Kartem, one of survivor of 65 who became choir trainer in a church in Jakarta.

1965 is an important year in Indonesia history. Goverment historical naration has said that there has been coup d'etat by Communist Party of Indonesia. Since then, anyone who's been alleged as a communist could be caught and jailed without trial.

Old chair was located in commando post, where the member of Communist Party of Indonesia gathered and made coup plans.

They gathered once a week, to practice or just to meet each other.

Silhouette of Titi, one of Dialita member, in Jakarta, Indonesia. Abandoned and being ostracized by society is something that the second generation of survivors 65 have to deal with.

Dialita practice their vocal seriously. Singing the songs has became an endeavor reconciliation meanwhile the government doesnt want to concede that there has been a mass killing during 1965-1966.

Members of Dialita take a rest after they practice as a vocal group. They share laugh and sadness as they meet fellow survivor.

The well where the six generals and one Commision were dumped after they were tortured to death The only real thing about narrated history is the death.

The Sound of Silence

This story is about women survivors of 65 who struggle to heal their trauma through singing. They are members of a vocal group called Dialita which stands for Di Atas 50 (Above Fifty Years Old). This vocal group consists of survivors 65 who experienced and witnessed the history (first generation) and those who are children of survivors who did not experienced the history but received the impact of the propaganda history (second generation). These two generations are victims of human rights violations.

The songs they sang were written by the survivors while they were still in prison. They began to remember the lyrics and musical notes in the past view years. They started to write it back in 2015.

After the October 1, 1965 movement, the ideology of communism is forbidden in Indonesia.

The New Order regime did historical propaganda against to communist ideology through the monuments and museums. The propaganda of the PKI's atrocities was built by various allegations against the Communist Party of Indonesia (PKI) which was coupling the regime of President Soekarno on 30 September 1965, otherwise known as September 30th Movement.

The offspring of survivor parents are also affected by the communist stamp that given by the government at that time. It is very obvious that the survivors of 65 are victims of human rights violations because they have been imprisoned for years without trial. Meanwhile, the second generation or descendants of the 65 survivors also did not get their rights as citizens. From not being able to go to school on a state campus to be ostracized by the community is the impact they have to accept as the offspring of survivor parents.

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